Fixtures Brixton

Here you can see results and upcoming fixtures of the South London Sunday 7 a side football league. Join Footy Addicts Leagues and play competitive football every week.

TimeHome TeamAway Team
MATCHDAY- 1 -Sunday 10 March 2024
14:00SMT United🟢6-4🟡The Lemons FC
15:00FC Michels 1910🔵4-7🟡Brésil Ou Pas
16:00SPLDN6-2Encara FC
MATCHDAY- 2 -Sunday 17 March 2024
14:00La Muerta15-0Encara FC
15:00Mildert Old Boys🟢4-2🟡The Lemons FC
16:00FC Michels 1910🔵3-6SPLDN
MATCHDAY- 3 -Sunday 24 March 2024
14:00The Lemons FC🟡4-8🔵FC Michels 1910
15:00La Muerta2-7🟢SMT United
16:00Brésil Ou Pas🟡7-5🟢Mildert Old Boys
MATCHDAY- 4 -Sunday 31 March 2024
15:00Brésil Ou Pas🟡5-3🟡The Lemons FC
MATCHDAY- 5 -Sunday 7 April 2024
14:00FC Michels 1910🔵1-6🟢Mildert Old Boys
15:00Encara FC56🟡The Lemons FC
16:00SMT United🟢5-4SPLDN
MATCHDAY- 6 -Sunday 14 April 2024
14:00La Muerta8-1🔵FC Michels 1910
15:00Encara FC3-6🟢SMT United
16:00Mildert Old Boys🟢4-4SPLDN
MATCHDAY- 7 -Sunday 21 April 2024
14:00Brésil Ou Pas🟡10-6Encara FC
16:00SPLDN2-12La Muerta
MATCHDAY- 8 -Sunday 28 April 2024
15:00FC Michels 1910🔵4-3Encara FC
16:00The Lemons FC🟡3-7SPLDN
MATCHDAY- 9 -Sunday 5 May 2024
14:00The Lemons FC🟡4|4La Muerta
15:00SPLDN4|7🔵FC Michels 1910
16:00SMT United🟢7|9🟡Brésil Ou Pas
MATCHDAY- 10 -Sunday 12 May 2024
14:00La Muerta8-4🟡Brésil Ou Pas
15:00The Lemons FC🟡3-4Encara FC
16:00Mildert Old Boys🟢5-9🟢SMT United
MATCHDAY- 11 -Sunday 19 May 2024
14:00La Muerta5-6🟢Mildert Old Boys
15:00FC Michels 1910🔵3-7🟢SMT United
16:00SPLDN3-0🟡Brésil Ou Pas
MATCHDAY- 12 -Sunday 26 May 2024
14:00Encara FC1-4🟢Mildert Old Boys
15:00The Lemons FC🟡8-4🟡Brésil Ou Pas
16:00La Muerta8-1SPLDN
MATCHDAY- 13 -Sunday 2 June 2024
14:00Brésil Ou Pas🟡1-10🔵FC Michels 1910
15:00Encara FC4-5La Muerta
16:00The Lemons FC🟡1-12🟢SMT United
MATCHDAY- 14 -Sunday 9 June 2024
14:00SPLDN5-5🟢Mildert Old Boys
15:00FC Michels 1910🔵4-2🟡The Lemons FC
16:00SMT United🟢9-0Encara FC
MATCHDAY- 15-Sunday 16 June 2024
14:00FC Michels 1910🔵3-5La Muerta
15:00SMT United🟢3-0🟢Mildert Old Boys
16:00Encara FC3-0🟡Brésil Ou Pas
MATCHDAY- 16 -Sunday 23 June 2024
14:00Mildert Old Boys🟢3-1La Muerta
15:00SPLDN7-2🟡The Lemons FC
16:00Brésil Ou Pas🟡2-13🟢SMT United
MATCHDAY- 17 -Sunday 30 June 2024
14:00The Lemons FC🟡4-6🟢Mildert Old Boys
15:00Encara FC0|3🔵FC Michels 1910
16:00SMT United🟢7-3La Muerta
MATCHDAY- 18 -Sunday 7 July 2024
14:00Mildert Old Boys🟢11-5🟡Brésil Ou Pas
15:00Encara FC3-13SPLDN
16:00SMT United🟢3-4🔵FC Michels 1910
MATCHDAY- 19 -Sunday 14 July 2024
14:00La Muerta8-8🟡The Lemons FC
15:00Mildert Old Boys🟢7-5Encara FC
16:00Brésil Ou Pas🟡2-4SPLDN
MATCHDAY- 20 -Sunday 21 July 2024
14:00Mildert Old Boys🟢|🔵FC Michels 1910
15:00Brésil Ou Pas🟡|La Muerta
16:00SPLDN|🟢SMT United